The Townsends of Oyster Bay and Washington’s spy ring

My mother’s family tree is composed primarily of German, English, and Scotch Irish ancestors who came to the US as far back as the 1600s. They eventually settled in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, but the earliest immigrants among them started out in New England and Long Island. After reading George Washington’s Secret Six, a book written by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger, I was excited to find a connection between my ancestors and Washington’s revolutionary war spy ring.

Three Townsend brothers, John, Henry and Richard, came to Oyster Bay, Long Island about 1661, by way of New Amsterdam and Flushing, NY. My ancestors came from Henry Townsend’s line, including his daughter Mary (born about 1657). Mary’s daughter Eliphal married John Morris, and their daughter Deborah married John DeCamp. The DeCamp family eventually moved into Western Pennsylvania.

John Townsend’s descendents from Oyster Bay included Robert Townsend (1753-1838). Robert was a critical member of George Washington’s  spy ring. During the revolutionary war, Robert was a newspaper reporter and store owner in New York City, at the time when the British army occupied the city. His reporting job gave him opportunities to pick up strategic information from British soldiers. This information was transmitted to George Washington through an elaborate, multi-step process that began at Townsend’s store, where he would hide secret messages in merchandise packages. The packages were handed off to a messenger who rode out to Setauket, Long Island, where a dead drop in a farm field was arranged. Another pick-up sent the secret messages across Long Island Sound in a small whaleboat, where a series of mounted riders would finally deliver the messages from Connecticut to New Windsor, NY, where Washington was stationed.

The spy ring had a number of successes. One was their discovery of the British army’s plan to ambush French troops landing in Rhode Island in 1780. They were also involved in exposing the treasonous attempt by Benedict Arnold and Major John Andre to hand over the fort at West Point to the British.

Robert Townsend used the alias “Samuel Culper Jr.” for his spying activities. His true identity was a well kept secret until 1930, when a historian used handwriting analysis to match a sample of Townsend’s writing with one of Samuel Culper Jr.’s letters.


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  1. Sandra Birdsall said:

    Thank you! This is wonderful information! I am investigating the Birdsalls who came to Long Island in the early 1600s. “Benjamin, oldest son of Nathan Birdsall, first appears in Oyster Bay February 20, 1684-5 with brother Steven, and buys of the Indians 100 acres of land on north side of Littleworth Path where he probably built a house and improved the land. On February 8, 1688-9 his ear mark is recorded in Hempstead and he was doubles occupying property…called New Brittain, Birdsall’s Brook, and Jerusalem” Benjamin and Mercy, daughter of Samuel and Miriam Forman, had a daughter Elizabeth, b. 1683, who married Nathanial Townsend.

    Because I am new to this investigation, I am hoping you might be able to fill in some blanks. We have a Birdsall family reunion coming up, and I’d like to provide some info on how Nathanial is related to your Townsend genealogy of Oyster Bay and Long Island. Of special interest is the relationship to Washington’s spy ring. We watched the series “Turn” and I am excited to learn how there may be a family connection of some sort to “Samuel Culper”. Very intriguing!!!!

    July 5, 2021
    • dreamer said:

      Let me look into the Birdsall – Townsend connection. I have seen a couple of references online that Elizabeth Birdsall’s sister Judith married a Robert Townsend (not the spy Robert, but perhaps related). Certainly sounds like the Birdsall and Townsend families were close! I will get back to you with anything I’m able to find out.

      July 7, 2021

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